How can I borrow?

To borrow with CryptoLoan, you must register your user profile in CryptoLoan website. The registration process includes accepting terms of the Loan Agreement as well as registration verification with personal electronic signature. After registration CryptoLoan will run creditworthiness assessment or credit check, as well as AML and KYC verification.  When the loan is approved, you will be required to transfer collateral to secure your approved loan amount. As soon as the collateral is received, CryptoLoan will transfer approved amount of money to your registered bank account.

What documents are required for ID verification?

Swedish certified identity card allowing to sign the agreement by electronic signature will be sufficient in order to verify the identity of the borrower.

How fast will you process my application?

The usual time for processing the loan request is up to one hour within CryptoLoan working hours.

How fast will I get my loan?

The loan will be issued to your bank account as soon as we receive your collateral during our working hours. If the loan is transferred before 4:00 pm on work days, you will receive your funds on the same day. If the loan is transferred after 4:00 pm on workdays or during holidays, most definitely you will get your funds on the next working day. If you are a holder of Nordea bank account, you will receive your funds shortly after the loan is transferred.

What does creditworthiness assessment mean?

When a borrower is applying for a loan, CryptoLoan is obliged to conduct credit check to confirm that borrower has enough financial resources to repay the loan. The purpose of is also to protect the borrower from unwilling financial obligations. This means that some changes may be applied to your requested loan amount by granting you lower amount and in some cases – denying the loan. Credit worthiness assessment is based on several financial factors as:
  • Income/expenses of household and dependents,
  • Assets,
  • Expenditure,
  • Other active loans,
  • Payment notes

Why I received a loan for a smaller amount than I requested?

The amount of issued loan may be lower than the one requested because of the result of the creditworthiness assessment (see the FAQ No. 4.5) or due to BTC value drop. If BTC value drops by up to 30%, you will be automatically granted a lower amount that will meet the required 50% loan-to-value (LTV).  If BTC value drops for at least 30% and more, you will be required to confirm the updated loan amount in your profile prior the transfer to your bank account.

Why my loan application was rejected?

The most common reason why your loan application may be denied is that your creditworthiness assessment results were below the required minimum. This means that your financial situation is not sufficient to manage loan repayment. Your loan may also be denied because of other unsettled credit obligations with or other lenders.

Do you work with UC (Upplysningscentralen)?

CryptoLoan does not request credit information from UC as well as do not send information about borrowers to the UC. Information about loans issued by CryptoLoan will not be included in your credit report issued by UC. CryptoLoan only retrieves credit reports from Creditsafe credit reporting company, and these reports are not visible to banks or other lending companies collecting information about borrowers.

How will I receive my credit information?

All information from CryptoLoan will be sent to you electronically. If you are not logged in to your digital mailbox at, the hard copy of credit information documents will be sent to you by regular mail.

Is it possible to receive all credit information digitally?

Credit information sendouts are managed by Kivra – a digital mailbox where it is possible to receive mail from companies, organizations and government institutions. It is a convenient and environment-friendly option how to receive information that would otherwise be sent by post. To receive all credit information digitally, go to and activate your digital mailbox. Kivra services are free of charge.

Do you always request credit information?

CryptoLoan requests information with each loan application. In the case of existing customers, information is updated according to the report prepared by the reporting company.

What is Instantor?

Instantor AB is a Swedish company offering credit scoring and customer identification solutions for lending purposes. CryptoLoan is outsourcing services offered by Instantor to develop more effective customer identification system and build better loan assessment procedure.

When and how are you using Instantor?

Instantor is used in cases when we need some additional information during the loan application review process. In such cases, the borrower usually receives a link to Instantor where it is required to log in by using the bank ID. Instantor will redirect the borrower to the bank login page and require to complete the login as usual. After successful user verification, Instantor will analyse account transactions and prepare summary needed for CryptoLoan. This process is needed to verify borrower’s ability to repay the loan.

What is a politically exposed person (PEP)?

According to the law on money laundering and terrorist financing prevention, CryptoLoan is obliged to ask if you are a politically exposed person (PEP). A term politically exposed person is usually referred to a person who has had an important public function within the state government or an international organization within the last 18 months. Corresponding legislation also covers rights and duties of family members and other closely related persons of PEPs. An important public function refers to:
  • Heads of the State or Government, Ministers and Deputy Ministers,
  • Judges of the Supreme Court, Constitutional Courts or other highest-level bodies whose decisions may be exceptionally appealed,
  • Senior officials of audit authorities and members of central banks' governing bodies,
  • Ambassadors, Heads of Missions and Armed Forces members,
  • Persons who belong to state-owned corporate management structure,
Legislation mentioned above also refers to closest family members of PEPs:
  • Spouse / registered partner,
  • Cohabitant,
  • Children and their spouses, registered partners or cohabitants,
  • Parents,
Legislation mentioned above also refers to employees of PEPs:
  • A private individual who is or was legally related to a person in a politically exposed position or a legal entity that has or had a close relationship with a person in a politically exposed position,
  • A private individual who is legally related to a legal entity that is established in favour of a person in a politically exposed position,
If you are a politically exposed person, you will receive a form with further instructions sent to you by e-mail. If you have any other questions regarding PEPs, feel free to contact CryptoLoan team by e-mail at or phone: 0757575023.
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